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Drive Sales With Better Content - Review Now


Better web content convince your prospect to be your customer and sometimes even promoter. Search engine algorithms change periodically, unless a proper time is spent to analyze your content effectiveness changes are bleak that you are in the top of the race. A year back your content might have been on the top of search, today things are different. Before judging on if your content is better or not, Lets check the basic key points on what makes the content good and readable. Do you know these below facts which are seldom neglected by most of the content writers and SEO's.

 Website can be penalized for keyword over-stuffing in your website
 Passive Voice can drive away even your existing customers
 Say big NO to technical Jargon
 Encourage Actions on your website.

How to analyze your Content real quick?
Experts believe and recent statistics prove that the best way to impress your customers is to periodically work on your website content. Does your content yield results as expected. Does it have any strategical analysis of present and future action plans. Is your company promotion on social media marketing driving you better sales, If not then its the time to restructure your content style.

Let me help you in analyzing if your website really needs an analysis? Does your website contain this....

  • Poor content on landing Pages
  • Unsymmetrical content alignment
  • High  Page Bounce %
  • Weak Call of action script
  • Weak testimonials or credibility
  • 95% of Only text

If your answer is YES for all of them or most of them, then it’s the time to get your content reviewed, and get an expert advice.

Remove the language barriers
Think a minute, are you expecting all your customers to understand the technical script knowledge which you know. Is your website/ Blog serving the crucial purpose of communication between your Brand and prospects. Can a layman without product knowledge can understand your expertise. Many a times, clients/customers who look for a particular product/ service do not really have a clue about it, that’s the whole point of their search to find someone who can help them.

If your content is posed in a way, where it’s hard to intercept; how could you convince them.

For discussion sake, if someone ask about what you doing now?

“ Would you be saying I am going through a discrete collection of text (and other media), which is presented as representation of an idea, or set of ideas; emotion or set of emotions, and transmitted to the web audience through various formats i.e. website or a blog. “  Or would you mind saying "I am reading an article." Keep your content simple, clear and crisp. 

Placing the content elements at right place
Use your website space well - Use images, info-graphics, text and call of actions strategically placed in your content. Use Persuasive writing to convince your audience, Catchy Images, highlighted quotes, call to action scripts are incredibly important to capture your readers. Add a sense of urgency to take an action immediately, If not never again statements, deadline for discounted service or creation of limited stock will leave your audience to act instantly.

Use Direct speech – avoid We, start using You, Yours
Address your reader directly, make it a straight discussion point. Avoid passive voice as much as possible in your content, this would encourage your readers to act.

Keep your content resonate the facts of what you are good at. Give a feel of completeness for your copy from the start to the end, conclude effectively. Apart from the above, here is a quick list which help you to estimate your content quality. 

Fixing the glitches in old content
When you discover your content is no more match to the current trends, start fixing it. Know which posts essentially valueless and which one still has the potential to convince your audience.  

Restructure the content on landing pages, this is vital part to drive traffic. High quality informative content is mandate for first time visitors. Landing pages provide the opportunity to showcase your capabilities, service and products to visitors referred by other sites or ads. They are bound to have strong titles followed with valuable content. Quality landing pages can make 50% visitors either look for other sections of your website or revisit your website again.

If the content is one which used to draw good amount of traffic and short, rewrite it and make it a better post with quality images and key taglines. Earlier 500 words articles are considered to be good, now the standard average length of article is around 1000 words. Lengthy articles can make your website more keyword eccentric at the same time, can help you out linking content internally.

Rewrite, redesign the average performing content which perform the poorest, redirect the url to the newer pages which can perform better. This can boost your traffic to 10% more.

Still have doubts on how to rewrite, restructure your content. Let me help you - Get in touch with me now.  click here to Contact me

Drive Sales With Better Content - Review Now

Better web content convince your prospect to be your customer and sometimes even promoter. Search engine algorithms change periodica...